Is it a good idea to put
Szeged's Youth House under the responsibility of highschoolers?

We believe it is!

The event on facebook

Kö7 comes again!

2015 is the Year of Light. During the second week of March, highschoolers enlighten Szeged's Youth House. Last year's art festival's spectre is completed with the beams of science and technology. We follow the week as Sun shines upon the planet, from East to West (sort of): Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, America. According to the season of the year, Antarctica is out of business.

The Set

Youth House's floor level is all ours for the week. Staged performances in the afternoons give room to concerts in the evenings. One exhibition permanently for the whole week, and another one changing every day along with the subject (the continents). One hall for the public-involved artwork, one room for the workshops, one for practicing performing arts, and one for presenting scientific and technical features.

Australia - 9. March

Asia - 10. March

Africa - 11. March

Europe - 12. March

America - 13 March.

We encourage our foreign visitors to not just visit, please contact us if you feel you can add up to the picture!

Say Hi!

If you are reading this, you are either one of our friends, either having a special interest in youth life of Szeged, Hungary. You might as well be participating UNESCO's Year of Light 2015 programme. In any case, we hope you will be happy to say hello to us! Here is one way to do it:

1. Draw (or print) our logo

2. Wave it to the camera* with your friendly company and say our name!

*(use any device, quality is not important this time) Our name is Középiskolások Hete (highschool students'week) - way too long to pronounce it every time, just call us Kö7, as we call ourselves. The correct pronunciation is {køhe:t} , two syllables: firstly, "kö" - "k" as in "kick", "ö" as in "world" - then, "hét" (meaning the week or the number seven in Hungarian) - "hé" as in "hey", and "t" as in "bat". Listen »

3. Upload your photos and videos,

and send us a link, we'll make a compilation of friendly faces from around the world, and we'll be happy to answer in a similar manner! It would be nice to make a live broadcast with other events that happen on another continent, we're looking for partners - ours is from the 9th to the 13th of March, 15:00-20:00 CET. Contact us at!

Last year's Kö7

Photos of Kö7-2014:
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A small video:

Timelapse about the common artwork (upstairs):

Instant Press made on spot by Katt Rádió + highschooler helpers Last year's website.


Hope to meet you at Kö7: D2

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